A2 – Raised Floor, Access flooring, Calcium sulfate, chipboard, Floor grills, Decorative, Out door



It is a suspended flooring system in which the walkable area rests on an elevated structure.
Between the bottom and the floor, a technical compartment can be inspected and used for housing the systems.

The Advantages

From a rigid layout, which could only be modified through long lasting and expensive changes, we have moved to a modular system, which is easily linked up and connected at any point, easily accessible and rapidly modifiable by few interventions limited in space, time and costs.

Raised floors allow to
customize and to modify the space without mason works. They allow to reduce time/cost of laying and maintenance, to spread intervention over the time, to easily install the connection systems and to offer a wide variety of finishing materials.

It is an extremely versatile system which gives the designer great freedom of action.


Made in Italy